It was a summer evening in June. We were at Luigi’s house, having a good time, drinking good red wine and eating good food. We were enjoying a conversation about a wide range of topics: politics, philosophy, soccer and the upcoming summer vacations. For quite a while now, Riccardo had been able to transmit to the whole group his passion for running and for all kinds of challenges that push you to the limit. 
All around us was the smell of grilled meat mixed with the smell of mosquito repellent. That night there was a large and bright full moon shedding light on Luigi’s garden and creating a magical and dreamlike atmosphere. Riccardo came up with a proposal that sounded so crazy and overly ambitious to us used to running just on Sundays. However, probably for that very reason, we all enthusiastically jumped on it.                                                                                                            
We had planned to go to the beach in Viareggio on Saturday, but we had some concerns about traffic, long lines on the highway and vehicles availability, so Riccardo made a proposal: let’s get there running!                                                                                                                                     
As so it goes, that on a weekend of many years ago a small group of friends passionate about running decided to attempt a big endeavor: running from Florence to Viareggio!  We would take with us only few essential items:  a small backpack, a pair of sneakers, a little money in the wallet and the craziness of our 20s.                                                                                                             Our juvenile enthusiasm and our not being real runners did not make us fully understand what we were actually getting ourselves into. So we left on a scorching hot Saturday of June…. We got tired pretty soon and started feeling like we would never get to our destination. However, despite all that, our determination to reach our goal was greater than anything else.                               
We arrived in Viareggio when it was already dark and the moon was full just like it was the day this idea came upon us.


Many years later, it happened that we gathered all together again, but this time we had decided to organize a much bigger event: the 100 Km Toscana. This is how is born the first running race that goes from the capital city of Tuscany to the most famous Tuscan beach town  and that aims at attracting a large number of runners, both professionals and amateurs.                                        The run is not only a competition, but it is also a celebration of national and international appeal that brings sports lovers together and where the willingness to confront ourselves and discover the beautiful Tuscan land is very strong.