Zero Edition

August 20, 2015

A special edition to test the course, to measure the elevations, to evaluate the conditions of the roads.
10 enthusiastic runners took part in the Zero Edition. They met early in the morning at Parco delle Cascine in Florence on a hot Thursday of August. It took them 12 hours to get to the promenade of Viareggio.
The zero edition was special, with the perfect ingredients: the official “Zero Edition” yellow shirt, a good leg workout, the right dose of determination to reach the finish line (and a pinch of healthy craziness as well!), and on the background the picture perfect Tuscan landscape. The runners worked hard and got tired, sweat, cursed, laughted, but never gave up on their goal: cross the finish line in Viareggio.
Running with them there was Marco Albertini’s wheelchair, pushed by two Italian Ultramarathon runners: Antonio Mammoli and Sergio Orsi. Their double effort has showed that there are no limits but those imposed by our mind.
Here’s some photos to show our first adventure: