The town of Massarosa is located in the inland parts of Versilia, 9 km from Viareggio.

Massarosa is renowned for the natural beauty of its plains and hills, present in all of its sixteen hamlets.

The origin of this town dates back to prehistoric times and became an important center in Roman times as shown by the remains of ancient Roman thermal baths, the Terme di Massaciuccoli.

Starting in the 14th century, Massarosa becomes part of the territories under the influence of Lucca and in the 1500s Massarossa starts to experience a period of wealth and prosperity. From the 1500s to 1800s were built many villas belonging to aristocrats and to wealthy local merchants. It were built a total of 27 villas, and the most famous one is probably Villa Baldini where Pauline Bonaparte spent her “100 days” of captivity. It is also noteworthy the beautiful Villa Martellini built in the 18th century that features a beautiful Italian garden enclosed by walls.
In the small village of Pieve a Elici is located the Parish Church of St. Pantaleone already known in 892, which is the result of at least three different phases of construction: the oldest phase is visible on the North side, the 11th century phase of construction is visible in the lower part of the bell tower and the final phase was carried out between the 12th and the 13th centuries. The interior has three naves divided by arches and a single apse, and there are several preserved marble sculptures including the triptych of Riccomanni, the baptismal font and the ciborium and a 14th century fresco depicting the Madonna and Child.

The most popular tourist attraction of the area is the Lake of Massaciuccoli, a coastal lake suitable for birdwatching and other sports activities, particularly during spring and summer.

Massarosa is proud of its cultural and culinary traditions. Typical delicacy of the city is the cake Pupporina, prepared to celebrate St. Bartholomew on August 24. The cake has a round shape like a woman’s breast and, once blessed, people used to believe that it would have given plenty of milk to the women who had made it. Massarosa hosts many wine and food fairs: the Pupporina Fair, the Fish Fair, the Tordello Fair, the Porcino Mushroom Fair and the Polenta Fair.